Overwatch’s New Skins Are So Good They’ve Made Me Care About Skins

Image: Blizzard

I would like you to do one thing for me proper now. I would like you to lookup. See that picture? That’s Pharah, from Overwatch. She’s sporting aviators and a leather-based jacket. She appears to be like Stephanie Beatriz’s character from Brooklyn 99. And she or he is gonna fuck you up.

That’s merely actually one of eight new skins added to Overwatch yesterday as part of this 12 months’s Archives event. The event freshens up previous co-op missions with new challenges barely than together with new ones. However the skins: they’re good.

Pharah appears to be like she’s ready to remain a cigarette in somebody’s eye and start a 69-person bar brawl set to 420 consecutive minutes of stoner metallic just because she’s bored. Junkrat appears to be like he’s merely stole various completely completely different kings’ pajamas. Roadhog seems to be like he’s prepared for a fishing journey which will end in all out battle. Ana appears to be like what would happen if a Identify of Accountability character had exact character. Zarya appears to be like someone who’d intimidate me on the health club not together with her perspective, however simply by being terribly good at lifting and throwing heavy objects. Symmetra seems to be like she’s having a unimaginable time celebrating Holi, the Indian pageant of colours. And Mei and Torbjorn, effectively, they every look unbelievable (they may’t all be winners).

Sometimes speaking, I’m not someone who’s enticed by skins. I grabbed just some good ones for my go-to heroes a while once more, after which I completed caring and amassed a gargantuan stockpile of unspent money. Nonetheless I’m gonna stage with you: I’ve a mighty, mighty need for that Pharah pores and pores and skin. And the Junkrat pores and pores and skin. And the Ana pores and pores and skin. Zarya’s, too. And presumably moreover Roadhog? I barely ever play him, nevertheless fuck it, sure. Why do I care about skins now as soon as I didn’t beforehand? I don’t have a flowery rationalization. These are merely really good skins!

Illustration for article titled iOverwatch/is New Skins Are So Good Theyve Made Me Care About SkinsImage: Blizzard

This does depart me feeling conflicted, though, because of I already know what’s going to happen: I’m gonna seize the skins I want, presumably play Overwatch typically for just some days, after which return to participating in sporadically at most interesting. On account of no matter shiny new skins and completely different initiatives just like the testing-oriented experimental card, Overwatch continues to actually really feel stagnant. There hasn’t been a model new hero since August of ultimate 12 months. There hasn’t been a model new map since Would possibly. Blizzard tried to mix points up these days by implementing a hero pool system in aggressive mode that bans small handfuls of select heroes on a weekly basis, nevertheless so far that’s been met with a mixed reception. To wit: Players who misplaced their shit over Ana’s new pores and pores and skin this week have been immediately disenchanted to understand that she’s banned correct now.

On prime of that, my misgivings with Overwatch have been preserving me away for a while. Inside the wake of some of Blizzard’s private decision-making as regards to its relationship with the broader world, it’s been harder for me to position aside the reality that Overwatch is a sport about heroism that always glorifies cops and people who wage battle. Pharah’s slick new pores and pores and skin locations a cool face on her time at a private military firm. Ana’s new pores and pores and skin does an identical amount on further old-fashioned military aesthetics. They provide the impression of being cool, and they also remind me what I actually like about Overwatch, nevertheless I’m undecided they’re enough to make me prefer it like I used to.

Nonetheless I nonetheless want the cool new skins. They’ve helped rapidly revive my curiosity in a sport that’s been pushing me away for a while now. I merely can’t really contemplate many causes to remain spherical and put them by their paces.

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