Viseart Midsommer & Solstice Petit Professionals

for Summer season 2020

Launch Date + Regarding the Launch

Embrace an ethereal and enchanting summertime ambiance with Viseart Paris as we rejoice our two new magical and luminous neutral Petit Skilled palettes Solstice and Midsommer! Our ‘elevated regularly’ essential, eye-enhancing nude shades are empowering not overpowering, offering you with straightforward and delicate administration of your work-time to summertime play! Balmy, neutral-toned Petit Skilled Solstice with a cushty and opulent duochrome is our newest core staple and Petit Skilled Midsommer is sublimely cool with lyrical, celestial duochrome hues. Our two new summertime palettes present a refreshing and trendy twist on matte and gossamer shades, effortlessly inspiring your refined, sunswept, elegant reverie.

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Merchandise throughout the Launch

Midsommer Petit Skilled, $30.00

Put collectively to be bewitched and beguiled by ‘Midsommer’ the magical new Petit Skilled! Our ode to those enchanting midsummer evenings enveloped in a dream of affection. The puckishly charming Petit Skilled Midsommer is a potion of sentimental cool mattes and gossamer light shimmers worthy of faerie wings! Impressed by the ethereal magic of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ the place love, delusion and mother nature intertwine, Petit Skilled Midsommer will weave its pretty spell to grab your coronary heart. You’ll be entranced by our spellbinding duochrome ‘Changeling’, bewitched by our delicate and dreamy ‘Faerie’ and captivated by our majestic ‘Titania’ – our passionate and playful Petit Skilled Midsommer has eight beguiling shades to animate your summer season season targets!

Eglantine Cool-toned light beige with a matte finishCupidon Gentle pink-brown with a matte finishPuck Midtone brown with a matte finishMidsommer Muted raspberry with a matte finishFaerie Gentle champagne pink with a shimmer finishPotion Muted burgundy with gold-pink reflectivityTitania Muted purple-grey with a matte finishChangeling Nude rose with a blue duochrome finish

Solstice Petit Skilled, $30.00

Petit Skilled Solstice is a turning stage of ignited shades in a harmonious steadiness of matte and shimmers! With a rapturous selection of all new earthbound hues, our divine Petit Skilled Solstice palette is a bliss of rich, sundrenched colors. Exalt your eyes with the stylish neutral sheen of Solstice – the essential factor to your straightforward nude ready-to-wear look! A jubilant new cycle begins as we gather to rejoice transformation, energy, and creativity with four harmonious matte tones, three shimmer shades, and an opulent duochrome.

Languor Sandy beige with a matte finishCrescendo Gentle warmth brown with a matte finishSummertide Medium red-brown with a matte finishDuir Chocolate brown with a matte finishFervor Lemon meringue with a shimmer finishLitha Nude brown with a shimmer finishSplendor Terracotta-brown a shimmer finishSolstice Pink with a duochrome finish


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