Beyond the Classroom: The Future of Post-Secondary Education Has Arrived – The Conference Board of Canada

The pandemic is accelerating changes to post-secondary education. Virtual, flexible, and experiential opportunities remain crucial priorities for lifelong learning. The Regional Sounding Tour examined the promise and challenges of delivering on these strategies.

Document Highlights

  • Virtual learning options led to increased participation in post-secondary education across Canada. Participation in virtual learning can grow further if we expand access to broadband Internet and digital technology.
  • Leaders agree that our economy depends on a continuous learning mindset—workers must update or learn new competencies as skill demands shift. Flexible learning options, including micro-credentialling and upskilling initiatives, may help those already in the workforce learn new skills and advance or transition in their careers.
  • Providing experiential learning opportunities for students through collaboration between industry and post-secondary institutions (PSIs) will be key to addressing labour shortages during and after Canada’s economic recovery.
  • • Experiential learning, such as work-integrated learning, is not always an equal playing field. For example, unpaid internships present a barrier to students from low-income families, and many government-funded opportunities are not open to international students. Such internships are often a barrier for all but the most privileged students.

Table of Contents

Key Findings

Virtual Learning, Reimagined

A Flexible, Lifelong Endeavour
Work-Integrated Learning Can Open Many Doors

What Did We Learn?
What’s Next?

Appendix A—Methodology
Appendix B—Bibliography

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